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 Fighting Voter Suppression 

Voter suppression occurs when laws are passed that lead to significant burdens for eligible voters to exercise their rights. EmpowerWoC is engaged in advocacy and supports legislation to get rid of these harmful voter suppression efforts. 

  • Voter ID laws

  • Partisan redistricting or gerrymandering

  • Reducing polling hours/locations

  • Restricting vote by mail

  • Limiting drop off locations for mail-in ballots

You can find a comprehensive list of forms of voter suppression here

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 Why It Matters 

The Texas Legislature has a history of passing laws that prevent or discourage certain groups of our society from registering to vote or casting their ballots.


These measures largely target specific groups based on age, race, ethnicity, political affiliation or other factors.


The most recent attempt at voter suppression is partisan redistricting aimed at diluting the minority vote. The Texas Observer writes,"Republicans draw the lines of power to protect their incumbents and amplify their white, conservative, rural base—and deny millions of Texans of color their due political representation." 


EmpowerWoC supports legislation and candidates who value minority representation and understands their needs. 

Voting Rights

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